New Research Reviews, Pregnancy, Low back Pain and Chiropractic

It has been this authors personal experience that pregnant woman experiencing low back pain secondary to her pregnancy has been told to “wait and see” over time, with the hope that the back pain would go away. This is predominantly because the “drug option” is off the table with complications to the fetus and most doctors are not willing to take the chance to relieve mechanical (no tumors, fractures or infection) low back pain.  My patients reported to me that their obstetricians told them their pain was a result of altered biomechanics and hormonal changes affecting the muscles and ligament of their spine. Current research has now verified through scientific evidence what practicing chiropractors and their patients have been claiming for decades, that chiropractic work to help relieve pain for pregnant woman with a safe, conservative treatment for both mother and the fetus. As a result of the effectiveness and safety, it now demands that chiropractic be the first referral option for pregnant woman experiencing low back pain.

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