It is always easy to make an appointment with Dr. Burbank. I had very painful neck and was experiencing terrible headaches. Dr. Burbank was able to fix the problem and I am no longer experiencing the pain I had. I would highly recommend Dr. Burbank. Best Chiropractor in Vancouver WA.

Rachelle Combs, Chiropractic Patient - Vancouver, WA

Dr Burbank knows his stuff and is highly professional. I strongly recommend him.He has essentially cured me from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. My career as an Engineer was in jeopardy when my hands were so swollen and painful that I could hardly type. After about a year and a half of treatments, education, support aids, stretching, and nutrition, my symptoms are minimal. I don't even sleep with a brace anymore. I type fast again and am even more efficient than ever! Best of all, I avoided risky surgery. I trust my family with him and they have been helped as well. A great chiropractor in Vancouver WA. We are blessed to have Dr Burbank's skill and services.

Stanley Lo, Chiropractic Patient - Vancouver, WA