Who pays to fix your car when it’s damaged in a car accident?

I have seen and talked to many many people who have gone through the process of dealing with car insurance companies. It is important to know how the system works so you get treated properly and fairly.

The person who causes the accident eventual should pay for the car repairs. This means the insurance company of the at-fault driver pays for the car repairs for all the vehicles damaged in the accident. If the damage to the cars is too expensive to fix or impossible to fix the insurance company deems the car as "totaled" (meaning a total write off) because it is not worth fixing. The cost of the repair would be more than the worth of the car.

Get estimates from a couple of auto body shops to determine how much it would cost to fix your car. Do NOT go to the auto body shop the insurance company recommends. These kind of shops often do cheap and often poor repair jobs which is what the insurance company wants.... CHEAP! Cheap often means your car is not repaired to the quality you want or deserve.

Do not always take the first offer the car insurance gives you if your car is totaled. They will often give a low ball offer to see if you are uneducated about the system of insurance claims. Negotiate for a higher money offer if you feel they are not giving you enough money to replace the value of your damaged car. Everything is negotiable in the insurance industry.

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