Why does my back pain and/or neck pain keep coming back?

People often wonder why they have recurring back pain or neck pain. How do you know if the pain will persist, return or just stay away?  Recent research has concluded that back and neck pain is more like a condition similar to dental plaque and tooth decay. You can never say that you have brushed and flossed your teeth enough times in your life to permanently rid your teeth of plaque and decay. It just doesn't work that way. Dental health requires maintenance. You have to be actively involved in helping your teeth stay heathy. You also have to be actively involved in keeping you back healthy. A healthy back has strong muscles, discs, bones and ligaments. A healthy back has proper flexibility. A healthy back has healthy nerves. All these things require active involvement from the individual and periodic attention of a professional. Without professional guidance, back problems tend to recur and with each re-occurance the problem becomes worse and more frequent.  Don't delay any longer, it usually doesn't fix itself if the pain keeps coming back.

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*specialist in treating car accident injuries, work place injuries, and neck and back pain.

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