Chiropractor in Vancouver WA cures patient of horrible rib and upper back pains caused by 3 weeks of coughing.

Vancouver, WA. - The patient's flu turned into pneumonia which caused three weeks of constant coughing. It was the coughing that led to the worse back pain and rib pains that persisted even after the pneumonia was gone. Coughing and sneezing can cause injury to ribs, intercostal muscle tears (aka- muscles tears between the ribs), inflammation and pain even when trying to breathe. This is a condition that requires a chiropractor. Rib injuries generally respond well to chiropractic adjustments. Ribs need to move in order for the lungs to fully inflate. Chiropractic adjustments restore rib mobility and reduce rib pain. Call for a free evaluation if you have rib pain. (360) 567-1739.

Dr. Wade Burbank* Chiropractor
6403 NE 117th Ave #108
Vancouver WA 98662
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*specialist in treating car accident injuries, work place injuries, and neck and back pain.

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