Chiropractor in Vancouver WA explains how back pain and neck pain is about nerve pain.

Chiropractor in Vancouver WA explains how pain in the back or neck are actually pains in the nerves. Nerves have the amazing ability to change their sensitivity levels.  For example, a person can jump into a swimming pool and at first the water feels cold. So cold that it can take your breath away and prompts you to jump out of the pool. But if you can handle the cold for a period of time and stay in the pool, the nerves that sense cold and hot sensations will adjust to the cool water temperatures and the cold pool will no longer feel cold anymore. What happened? Did the temperature of the pool suddenly change? Or did the nerves in your body adjust to the new "normal" temperature of the environment in now inhabits? Yes, nerves can adapt and change their sensitivity. The same can be said for pain nerves.

Pain nerves that seem to be painful for no apparent reason can be modified to a less sensitive state resulting in less pain. How can you change the sensitivity of pain nerves? The answer is Motion!!! There is something that everyone has located in the nerves of their spinal cord called the Pain Gate. There are nerves deep in the spinal cord that allow pain signals to continue on to the brain or block pain signals from reaching the brain. If the brain does not receive the pain signal, you do not feel pain. This means the pain gate blocks the pain from reaching the brain. One way to block the pain signal in the spinal cord is MOTION. Moving spinal joints via spinal chiropractic adjustments turn "movement" nerves on (called mechanoreceptors). These mechanoreceptors can influence the nerves in the spinal cord at the pain gate which blocks pain signals. This is how chiropractic spinal adjustments help reduce and eliminate back pain (and neck pain). When you turn pain nerves off, sensitivity of the nerves normalize and you feel no more pain. Here is a good video about the pain gate.

Pain Gate Video



Another great video about how our body processes pain


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