Study suggests Vitamin D deficiency may be a contributing factor in chronic muscle pain / back pain

Study suggests Vitamin D deficiency can be a contributing factor in chronic muscle pain. Click link below for the study.  Sunlight is good for you! This is the truth despite the false fear that sunscreen manufactures instill on television commercials.  Your body needs Vitamin D but it can't make it without direct sunlight hitting your skin. You body converts cholesterol + sunlight into Vitamin D in the skin which then seeps into your blood stream. Vitamin D is needed for calcium homeostasis, proper immunity and muscle function.  Even keeping cancer away is partly dependent on Vitamin D. Do your back pain a favor and get some sun. At least take a Vitamin D supplement during the winter months if your area gets little winter sun.  I personally take at least 5000 IU/day of vitamin D during the winter months.   <------ more info about Vitamin D

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